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Dear Sir or Madam,

I strongly recommend Miss xxx for admission to your university. As the class sponsor of Miss x since 2003, I think I know her much more than others. She has proven herself an excellent student not only in study but also in other aspects.

Three years ago, she turned to me for advice about prospect and hot research areas of chemical engineering, because she planed to pursuing further education abroad in this field. As a freshman then, she already showed strong interest in chemical engineering and a dream that one day she could be enrolled in the scientific research of the world’s frontier. I was appreciate this very much and gave her lots of encouragement. Later, I also recommended her to xxx—one of famous professors in the university to gain more practical research experiences.

Miss x has embodied the fine character of strong inquiry and industriousness in learning, which has acquainted her significant academic success during her college years. Apart from her intelligence, she was an independent and energetic girl who took part in many campus activities enthusiastically. She was the leader in the class and the student union. She did a nice job. I still remembered the pictures of classmates and me in a Christmas party, which she organized and decorated. I always talk with my students, through which I have known much better about them. From her roommates I find that she is kind-hearted and like to help others when they are in trouble. That also explained why she is a Chinese Young volunteer participating in work in an orphanage.

Now, I also teach her experiment class. I am always impressed by her experiment reports, which are detailed and contain excellent analysis. When conducting experiments, Wu is meticulous and doesnt fear the difficulty. She is one of the best students in my class.

Based on my appreciation of such a kind, ambitious and responsible student, I strongly support xxx’s decision of higher academic pursuit without reservation. And I sincerely hope my recommendation will receive your favorable consideration.

Yours Sincerely,